31 May 2012

Shop Update!

Hello all

I have had a little shop update these last couple of days, it was a bank holiday Monday just gone here in France and I managed to be quite productive!

I have stepped into the realm of rings and I quite like it.
First up I made an abstract poppy ring, I actually got the image from a fried egg but thought it look like an abstract flower once I had soldered in the central ball.

Next I made this rustic floral ring, I originally made it to fit me but as I am a large ring size and I wanted to put it into my shop, I re-sized it.

I have a couple more pieces which still need to be added, stay tuned!


Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

Oooh, very pretty! I especially like the top one.

Malaika said...

lovely new pieces!

Anonymous said...

thats so funny that you got that flower image from an egg. I love the shape!

Az Life and Style said...

Gorgeous pieces!

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Thank you! Ali :)