29 November 2009

I have a new friend!

Check out my brand new mannequin head! how cool is she, I think I love it! I even drilled holes into her ears to model my earrings. The pictures are a bit dull as I have taken them this evening with no natural light but I cant wait to take pics of her wearing all my earrings for my Etsy shop. A great idea I think when customers don't like to see earrings being modelled on an actual person. I just need to buy her a wig :)

27 November 2009

Weekend Deals

Its that time of year again, black Friday, cyber Monday. To celebrate this holiday I am offering free worldwide shipping in my Etsy store and I will be gradually adding more pieces over the weekend ready for cyber Monday. So if you are looking for some awesome Christmas pressies, you know where to go :)

22 November 2009


Well its been a pretty good week for me. I have been on the front page of Etsy, in the gift guides, featured twice on craft gawker, had 3 sales and I got an ad on Regretsy!

Not bad if I say so myself. For those of you that don't know (Im pretty sure the world and his dog know now) what Regretsy is its a blog which finds really crazy things on Etsy and basically just takes the piss out of them. Some sellers take great offense to this and some love it, me, I love it, I think its all very tongue in cheek and the sellers who are getting featured are getting a tonne of views and lots of sales. Seeing as my jewellery isn't remotely weird in any way to get featured I thought I would purchase and ad spot and Im really happy that I did. It has brought me lots of views, hearts and sales too.

So if you want to check it out the website is here and there is also a Facebook fan page here.

11 November 2009

I've been a lucky girl

It has been my week so far, firstly I am in Timothy Adams' top 10 Etsy picks this week and I am also featured in the Etsy gift guides for the very first time with my silver leaf necklace. It has also been a very productive week for me too as I have lots of new items for my shop made, here are a couple of them.

9 November 2009

Things I miss about the U.K

I have been in France for 6 weeks so far and here is what I am missing:

1, Royal mail
2, custard
3, people being able to understand what I am saying
4, ordering stuff and getting it sent special delivery (kinda falls under Royal Mail)
5, mint aero's

Erm think thats about it for now...

New in my shop: Bronze heart earrings

5 November 2009

Some new work..

..Finally! Here are a few items I have added to my Etsy store over the last couple of days.

1 November 2009

Old work, new photos

I retook some photos today for my Etsy store. My mum has a big chunk of olive wood which I think makes a pretty awesome background.