22 June 2009

Bronz Clay & Cake Toppers

I only really have one half decent photo at the moment of my new bronzclay pieces. Its the same design I have already done in silver, it turned out "o.k".
My first batch of bronzclay went wrong as I mess up the firing schedule and the pieces came out like the clay was still in the plaster dry stage. My second attempt was much better, I had to fire the pieces overnight for a total of 10.5 hours at a very slow ramp speed. I then made a third lot and managed to reduce the time down to just under 9 hours and the pieces turned out well on that firing too. The pieces I made were pretty simple I just really wanted to test the firing schedule first of all so now I can crack on and design some new pieces in Bronze.

On another note I have reopened my cake topper website, Hunters Designs, to start taking orders again and you can find it here

19 June 2009

Bronz Clay

Something new to play with, I actually ordered copper clay but bronze turned up instead. I have made a few pieces and I will have a couple of pics up tomorrow of the pieces and my story of the dreaded bronze clay!

12 June 2009

New Work

Hello blog followers!
Well I have had a very productive last couple of days, it feels like I have made lots of new things this week, all of which are up in my Etsy shop now. I also made my first pair of earwires which I am excited about because now I can make more earrings, yay! I also had a sale yesterday which always completely surprises me. It was a brand new item which I only listed in my shop the day before so I was very impressed, heres to lots more!

8 June 2009

York, haunted & charms!

I have just got back from my weekend away in York which was lovely, got to spend some time with Dom's son James which was nice. While we were in York we had lunch at "The Golden Fleece" pub which is supposed to be the most haunted Inn in York and dates back to 1503. I love watching ghostly programs like TAPS and most haunted which the Golden Fleece has been featured on so it was really exciting to have lunch there, didn't see anything though :(

On another note I am really excited to be involved in a charm swap with other members of the Etsy Metal Clay team. 24 people are involved so we are make 24 charms and then we all have a charm bracelet with a charm from each member. It is a great way to have a little piece of everyones work and I am really looking forward to the finished results so I will post updates on that project as I start making my charms.

2 June 2009


I thought I would write a post just to say I am now part of the Etsy Metal Clay team as of yesterday which I am really excited about. The EMC team is a global team of metal clay artists and there work is amazing!  You can find the teams work on Etsy by searching "EMC Team".