28 February 2011

Cake Topper-Work in Progress

Just a quick post to show what I am working on at the minute.  It's wedding season coming up again so orders are coming in, hurrah!

More pics to come as I progress :)

22 February 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

So today I found out I have been nominated for the stylish blogger award, hurrah!  Thanks so much to paperpiedesigns for nominating me :)

The rules of the nomination are:

1. Thank the person and include the link for the nomination (see above)

2. Share seven things about yourself.

3. Nominate 15 blogs for the award.

4. Let everyone know they have been nominated and let them have the details, should they want to spread the Stylish Blog love.

 Things about me:

1, I have lots and lots and lots of books, mainly recipe, jewllery making, polymer clay and photography books.

2, I have 2 pets rats called Bella and Bo who are little menaces and I frequently find random holes in my clothes when I get to work without realising they were there when I got dressed!

3, I spontaneously moved to France a year and a half ago and I can't speak word of French!

4, Even though I work with metal clay I am taking my first beginners class in metalsmithing starting 1st April, can't wait.

5, My favourite colour is green, love it and pink and even better pink and green together.

6, I have just joined RAW (ring a week) as I never make rings so this will be one big challenge for me.

7, I LOVE cupcakes and wish I could find a seller who ships to France, yummy!

That's me! and the following blogs I shall nominate:

Inside the Artisan
Happy Day Art
Diva Designs
Zoe Nelson
Swirly Arts
Murano Silver
Ali Bali Jewellery
Pips Jewellery
Quercus Silver
Mango Tango Designs
Lora Hart Jewels
Lorena Angulo
Dream Some Designs
Lulubug Jewelry
Copper Heart

So there you have it, some super stylish blogs!

21 February 2011

Spices & Seasonings

It is time for Macro Monday again and this weeks theme was spices and seasonings.  Above is my contribution, just some fennel!
I spent quite a long time yesterday fiddling about with Christmas lights trying to see what bokeh I created and I will definitily use them for future photos.

I hope you like the photo :)

7 February 2011

Macro Mondays

I decided to join a couple of groups on Flickr to help me improve my photography and Macro Monday is one of them.

This weeks theme is 'Unexpected' and above is my contribution.

4 February 2011


For Christmas I got a new toy, my very first DSLR, it's a Canon 1000D a nice entry into the world of DSLR and I love it! My interest in photography has really grown and I can't wait for the weather to warm up a bit so I can get outside and start snapping. I also treated myself to the 100mm Macro L lens by Canon and the 430 EX II speedlight to help me along the way.

Roll on spring time to I can go bug hunting ! :)

1 February 2011

Something New

So I finally made something new, hurrah! I love this little skull and I make have to incorporate him into some other designs too.

I think I shall add him to my Etsy shop this evening :)