23 March 2010

Something new

While working on my cake toppers I have managed to squeeze in a little jewellery making too :)
I have made another guitar pick necklace made from precious metal clay and also a pair of earrings using my own handmade polymer beads and ear wires.  I like how the earrings turned out so I will definitely being making those again with some new colour combinations.

Both can be found in my Etsy shop now :)

21 March 2010

Sherri Haab- Jewelry Techniques & Inspirations

I received Sherri Haab's new book in the post not long back and have only just got round to having a proper look at it. 
Another awesome book from Sherri, I have her metal clay book.  This one covers everything from wire wrapping, metal clay, etching, polymer clay, fiber art and more!

Its starts with Sherri showing you around her studio and giving tips on organization,  once you get past drooling over her amazing studio she goes on to explain how she uses notebooks and also tips on taking and teaching classes.
After giving tips all basic jewellery techniques such as wire wrapping, working with jump rings and mixing resin to name a few the rest of the book is split into 5 sections.  Memories such as inspirations by the sea, Seasons has some techniques for Halloween and winter then there is Collections, Blast from the Past and Hobbies.
There are step by step instructions for all of the projections with great photography to match, clear bright and beautiful photos.

This book has definitely given me some projects for the future using materials I would never thought of using.  All in all a great and beautiful book!

11 March 2010

Another set down

My latest cake toppers done and dusted!  These toppers sure are keeping me busy at the moment, I am looking forward to when I get get some new jewellery pieces made again.