24 March 2008


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I started a new line of jewelry which I will post pics of over the next couple of days. This necklace is my fave at the moment. I think it looks very leathery and rustic!
The pendant is made from polymer clay which has been stamped and antiqued with acrylic paint. A cut heart charm hangs in the centre. You can find this necklace in my Etsy shop along with other goodies in the same style.

15 March 2008

Featured Seller

Jealous chicken
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How cute are these mini sculptures? made from polymer clay they are adorable. Check out joojoo's shop and have a look for yourself.

6 March 2008

So I have been Tagged....

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Thanks to Katrina for tagging me!

Fact 1
I have some very annoying and bad habits which I have had all my life.  I bite my nails down to the wick, pretty disgusting there is nothing more than I would love than to have normal length nails.  Yes I have tried putting the disgusting tasting stuff on but I just ate that too.  I have funny eye twitches which means I scrunch them up a lot and do this weird frowny thing.

Fact 2
Im a very good cook, I did professional culinary arts at college (cheffing)

Fact 3 
Im permanently on a diet because of the above.

Fact 4
Im 5 "10

Fact 5
I never wear dresses, skirts or high heel shoes.

Fact 6
Im a member of the polymer clay artists guild of Etsy and the ACEO street team.

Fact 7 
I regret not getting my degree in art

5 March 2008

Featured Seller

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I thought it was time to showcase some amazing poly clay work, first up we have this cooler than cool plaque by designsbyginnybaker. All crafted from polymer clay, I love it! Go check out her pics on flickr and her etsy store Im sure there will be something you will love for your home.