28 April 2011

Rat Babies!

As promised here are a couple of pics of the new babies, official head count is 10, so I now have 15 rats!  Let the fun begin!

All 10 babies

26 April 2011

A Big Surprise!

If you read this blog regularly you will probably have figured out that I have a couple of pet rats, Bella and Bo.  Well we decided to buy them a new BIG cage and buy 2 more rats also, we went to get them on Saturday and Dom decided he wanted a 3rd one as he liked the look of this black baby.

We left the pet shop with 3 new ratties on Staurday and this morning I woke up to a lot of squeaking, I look in the cage and find a pile of rat babies! One of out new ratties was pregnant and had given birth :S
I think they are about 8 babies, so I go from having 2 to 13!

Here are a couple of pics of their new home and some pics of the new pups will come soon :)

21 April 2011

Etsy Front Page

Last night my 'La petite maison' necklace made it to Etsy's front page, no sales but lots of views and hearts.  Here is the treasury and thanks to magalerie for creating it :)

16 April 2011

Friday Favourites

I haven't made anything new this week to show so thought I would show some more of my etsy faves.  Oh how I think I need to win the lotto!
Abandoned and Haunted House By DaisyJaneDesigns 

Early Bloom By tmlCREATIONS

Handmade Shoes By fairysteps

I hope you like my picks, next post will be about what I have been up to in my metalsmithing class. :)

6 April 2011

Featured Seller...

For this post I am featuring a friend and colleague of mine, Jennifer of SilkSpinnerDesigns. 

This is a brand new shop and Jennifer makes awesome beaded jewellery, here are some of her listings.

To celebrate her one month anniversary on Etsy, jennifer is offering 10% off on some of her designs so go and check them out :)

5 April 2011

Another Cherry Blossom Necklace

You can probably tell that cherry blossom is one of my favourite flowers, not sure why, I just love them!

I made this larger pendant at the weekend and next up I want to make some cherry blossom earrings.

I hope you like this one :D

1 April 2011

Stuff I really, really want, part 2

I think I add things to my Etsy favourites everyday, there is just too many nice things out there!  I thought I would do my faves in jewellery this time around.

So this week first up are these super cute earrings from vickiorion.  I love the pink and green together, 2 of my favourite colours for sure.  Unfortunately they just sold :(
 Ruby & Zoisite Earrings by vickiorion

Next is this amazing charm bracelet from the etsy metal team.  The members who participated each made a charm for this piece which can also convert to a necklace.  Oh how I would love this :)
 Etsy Metal Charm Swap 6 Bracelet By the EtsyMetal Team

I love this quirky modern earrings by AntiGenre, very unique.
 Egg Earrings By AntiGenre

Finally, I LOVE this dog tag necklace by drakonaria and it's quote, how cute is the little chocolate and donut detail? love it!
Balanced Diet....By Drakonaria