17 December 2008

Another Day...

So my nice 6 days off has come to an end and its back to work tomorrow :(

I think everything is sorted now for Christmas, well it is only me and Dom so not much to do really.  I tend to start looking forward to the new year now anyway and what it will bring! I am hoping it will be a good one and that nothing bad happens and my family are kept safe and healthy.
Anyway! Here is something new in my shop today, enjoy.

16 December 2008


Yep thats right people I sold something today! Well I actually sold 2 things but one was a PIF (pay it forward 2o cent listing) so Im not counting that one LOL.
Here is the pendant that sold (see below post) so that was awesome and I have just made a few more little house pendants that will be in the shop tomorrow.
I also visited the Etsy Labs today for the first time and I managed to get in the hot seat for a shop critique, you have to be fast so I was lucky!  I got some great advice and it looks like everyone thought I had a pretty unique product which is great to hear so I just need to fill my shop out a bit more.
Here is another pendant which was added to the shop this evening.

New in the shop

So I have been enjoying my 6 days off work yay! Managed to get all of our Christmas shopping done and also saw my mum over the weekend so that was good.  
Have managed to fit in some crafting too so this is a new pendant in my Etsy store, will be adding another one later this evening too.

13 December 2008

Cant Sleep...

So I thought I'd blog! Dom and I managed to get all of our Christmas shopping finished today which Im happy about so thats good then it just tomorrow we are putting up the tree and decorations, gonna be done 12 days before Christmas! :)
I listed these cuties in my Etsy store today so go check them out.  I have also been working on my Artfire store today so will hopefully have some pieces in there tomorrow. Busy Bust Busy!

8 December 2008

Well today has been a pretty good so far, I have made 3 new things for my Etsy shop, have joined Twitter and now thinking of opening up a shop over at Artfire.
Im starting to meet and network with loads of people from Etsy, finding new blogs and hearting new shops.  Love it! Here is something new which will be in my store shortly.

30 November 2008

T is For Tree

Macro 365/14 Tree
Originally uploaded by *~Lou~*
I decided to relist this necklace in my shop today. Although the background of the photo doesnt really go well with the others in my shop but what the hell.
The weather is getting so dull at the moment that its quite hard to take good pics with no good natural light.

28 November 2008

Etsy Shop

Yay so my Etsy shop is back up and running under the new name of Pecular Forest. I have also just had my first sale so very happy with that, hopefully the first of many!

I will be updating my shop over the next couple of days and everything is free shipping everywhere.

28 October 2008

Im still around.....just!

Well I havent been here in soooo long! Mainly because I havent had a laptop so I can only get onto the internet occasionally at the moment. Hopefully I will have saved up for my new MacBook soon! I need to get online so that I can get my Etsy shop up and running ad be more active in PCAGOE which I am really missing at the moment :(
If any PCAGOE'ers still come here I will be back soon I promise so dont forget about me please!

29 June 2008


Originally uploaded by *~Lou~*
I worked on a couple of ACEO's today just while I was watching a DVD, here is one of them and is ink and colouring pencil.

I have also decided to move my jewelry to another etsy shop you can find it here.

17 June 2008

Stacked up

Originally uploaded by *~Lou~*
I had to think then if I had blogged about these earrings or not? hmm think my memory is slowly getting worse!
I thought I would try something different so I made these cute earrings, the red disks are polymer and there are black seed beads in between. If you are interested then you can find these in my etsy shop along with other goodies.

I would love to have more time for bead making etc I have just finished another set of toppers today too then I ony have one set for July to make so Im hoping to get that one day on Fri/Sat I have already finished the bride so I am one step ahead. I will then start on Aug ans Sep andget them all done in plenty of time.

7 June 2008

New earrings

more testing
Originally uploaded by *~Lou~*
I made these cute earrings the other day, I really like the colours. The tiny beads are handmade from polymer clay and are on antique brass head pins and kidney wires.
I have also been experimenting with a light tent I made and different backing papers, I think the green in the background works really well here.
You can find these earrings in my etsy store now.

Finished one set

Finished one set
Originally uploaded by *~Lou~*

3 June 2008

work in progress

work in progress
Originally uploaded by *~Lou~*
So im currently working with this little fella at the mo, in fact im working on three sets of toppers at once to get them finshed as they are all getting married this month! I should be all done by the weekend so its not too bad. And then its on to July.
I really want to get started on the doll I wanted to create soon as its something new and different that I want to try.
There is always something I want to make and never enough time! especially when I also have a full time job.
Anyway I will post the pics of the finished cake toppers once they are all done.

13 May 2008

Large sunflower necklace

Large sunflower necklace
Originally uploaded by L O U
I love this necklace I made, its pretty awesome if I say so myself! I would like to keep it for myself but it is now in my etsy store if you are interested. The pendant is BIG 3.5 inches across with 18 inches of chain. Antiqued with acrylic to bring out the detail.

Im still all bunged up and poorly.

10 May 2008

New polymer Necklace

New polymer Necklace
Originally uploaded by L O U
Well its been a while since I have written a post for my blog. These last couple of days I have been sick with a cold, sore throat and a cough so I currently feel bleugh, I am all bunged up, not nice, especially as the weather outside is so nice and hot!

Anyway here is a necklace I made last weekfrom polymer clay. It is on antique gold chain and has a lobster clasp with a little charm that says "made with love". It will be going in my etsy store later on today.

I am currently making a set of cake toppers which NEED to be finished by Monday at the very latest. I have felt so ill that all I have wanted to do is sit on the sofa and watch movies. Im currently not taking anymore oders for cake toppers as I think I need a bit of a break. As well as my clay work I also work full time, I cant remember a day when I have actually been able to just do 'nothing'. Once all my cake topper orders are complete I really want to have a go at sculpting some sort of fantasy doll like a fairy or some sort of goblin, so watch this space!

17 April 2008

Personalised cake Topper

Personalised cake Topper
Originally uploaded by L O U
Oh god I havent added anything to this blog in aggggees, appologies to the person that reads my blog.

Sometimes I feel like writing a blog is a chore because Im not very good at writing, some people waffle on for ages about this and that and I think "cool im gonna write about something interesting" but I
never do.

Anyway here is a set of toppers I have finished today, got loads more to make also.
I have also started a project called Macro365 so go check it out, its 1 macro shot everyday for a year, cant be hard can it?

3 April 2008

Personalised cake Topper

Personalised cake Topper
Originally uploaded by Hunters Designs
This is my latest set of cake toppers which are on their way to their new home. Im starting to get really busy with the cake toppers with more and more couples enquiring each day.
I am currently finishing off another set right now so I will post pics once they are completed.

Toppers made from polymer clay with mulberry flowers for the bouquet.

PCAGOE Covered Egg Challenge Entries

Go vote at pcagoe for your fave entry and to win some funky prizes.

24 March 2008


Originally uploaded by Hunters Designs
I started a new line of jewelry which I will post pics of over the next couple of days. This necklace is my fave at the moment. I think it looks very leathery and rustic!
The pendant is made from polymer clay which has been stamped and antiqued with acrylic paint. A cut heart charm hangs in the centre. You can find this necklace in my Etsy shop along with other goodies in the same style.

15 March 2008

Featured Seller

Jealous chicken
Originally uploaded by afsanehmt
How cute are these mini sculptures? made from polymer clay they are adorable. Check out joojoo's shop and have a look for yourself.

6 March 2008

So I have been Tagged....

Here are the rules:

1, Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog
2, Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3, Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as their blogs.
Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Thanks to Katrina for tagging me!

Fact 1
I have some very annoying and bad habits which I have had all my life.  I bite my nails down to the wick, pretty disgusting there is nothing more than I would love than to have normal length nails.  Yes I have tried putting the disgusting tasting stuff on but I just ate that too.  I have funny eye twitches which means I scrunch them up a lot and do this weird frowny thing.

Fact 2
Im a very good cook, I did professional culinary arts at college (cheffing)

Fact 3 
Im permanently on a diet because of the above.

Fact 4
Im 5 "10

Fact 5
I never wear dresses, skirts or high heel shoes.

Fact 6
Im a member of the polymer clay artists guild of Etsy and the ACEO street team.

Fact 7 
I regret not getting my degree in art

5 March 2008

Featured Seller

Originally uploaded by designsbyginnybaker
I thought it was time to showcase some amazing poly clay work, first up we have this cooler than cool plaque by designsbyginnybaker. All crafted from polymer clay, I love it! Go check out her pics on flickr and her etsy store Im sure there will be something you will love for your home.

25 February 2008


Cool Girl
Originally uploaded by caketopper
I got accepted on trunkt.com today. Apparently it is a website which is quite difficult to get into and and a lot of people have been rejected. I submitted my acrylic paintings only and got accepted to quite good news really. I havent done much polly clay work recently just my cake toppers. I thought I would start doing more paintings as its been a while since I last did any. The painting is acrylic on canvas 8 x 10 in size.

12 February 2008

Alone ACEO

Alone ACEO
Originally uploaded by caketopper


I have been a bit slack with the blog posts this month- sorry!
So I have been working on bits on bobs and have made a few aceo's, one of which has sold, cheers mum!
They are all made from polymer clay of course and are for sale in my Etsy store.

3 February 2008

Work in Progress

Today was an ok day, I was up at 8am and I felt really sad, been feeling like that a lot lately, dont know why...anyway here is a bride I am working on, pretty much finished this couple just waitin for confirmation that the groom is ok to go ahead and be baked.
I was also featured in another treasury for my junk chain, so thanks for that!

30 January 2008


Originally uploaded by caketopper
This is my entry for Februarys 'Love' theme. The beads are all handmade from polymer clay by myself and they are attached to a antique gold bracelet. you can vote for your favourite design at pcagoe.com

This piece is also for sale in my etsy store.

29 January 2008

Junk Chain

Junk Chain
Originally uploaded by caketopper
Here a a necklace I constructed over the weekend. I love it! nearly kept it for myself but its now in my etsy shop.
Strung on beadalon with plastic, glass and wood beads with an antique gold plated lobster claw which does up at the side.
If you want to make a statement this necklace is for you!

17 January 2008

New Logo

New Logo
Originally uploaded by caketopper
As you can see from my blog banner and I have had a new logo, banner and avatar designed. The banner and avatar are both for my Etsy store and I love them!
Here is a pic of my new log also. I cant wait to use it on little business cards and stickers when I ship out my cake toppers.

16 January 2008

PCAGOE member review.

I have decided to look at the work of a polymer clay artist guild of etsy member (pcagoe for short) We are a group who who favours polymer clay as our preferred medium and we all have shops on Etsy. There are some amazing artists in the group and I am very fortunate to be amongst such talented people. One member is artsyclay who makes handmade jewelry and gifts, very whimsical and imaginative, check out her shop here and some of her designs below.

12 January 2008

I made a treasury!

I made a treasury!
Originally uploaded by caketopper
I made a treasury to day for the first time so that has got to be something to bog about! I hope this will be the first of many :)


Cow wedding cake toppers
Originally uploaded by caketopper
My cow cake toppers have bee the most viewed on my flickr page and now they have been featured on Cuteable!
Thanks Lynsey for including me :)

9 January 2008


As you can probably guess I am a member of the Polymer Clay Artists Guild Of Etsy, we are a bunch of polymer artists who else sell our wares on Etsy.  The guild is growing fast and it has been excellent exposure for us polymer artists.  I have managed to create another treasury of our work here, please note that the treasury expires in 2 days so if you are clicking here afterwards it might not be there!
Please also check out our website pcagoe and if anyone is interested in joining the guild please contact me on here or via my Etsy Store.

6 January 2008

3 January 2008

First post of the New Year

First of all happy new year everyone!
I was hoping to get some pics taken today but the light today hsnt been very good at all. I bought some coloured papers to photograph on but really I think I need a light box. I have seen a good tutorial on how to make one for practically nothing, you can find it here.
I am then hoping to change the pics in my Etsy store and to create a new brighter banner so something to keep me busy for a while!