9 March 2015

Sewing adventures and Margot pj's

So I have this pretty bad habit of deciding I want to do something and then getting every piece of equipment involved to do said task without actually knowing if I can do it or even enjoy it. I did exactly the same thing when I wanted to start making jewellery, luckily that turned out okay.

Hello sewing! I decided I wanted to sew, make my own clothes and live in a handmade wardrobe for the rest of my life.  I also have a bad habit of immedietly thinking I can do anything; for example I have two sewing patterns for coats!? I have only just got around to turning my brand new and expensive Pfaff passport on never mind attempting to sew a winter jacket!

So I got my sewing machine, got my pins and tape measure, got my fancy and expensive red fabric weapon scissors and notions box from Merchant and Mills, also got my dressmaking dummy. I even got a bloomin' overlocker for crying out loud! (which is marvellous and fast by the way). I decided I was going to start easy so I made the Margot pyjamas from Tilly's 'Love at first stitch' book. I had ordered a bunch of fabric from Hawthorne Threads which included this fun woodland print, perfect pj material.

How difficult can it be? I only need to cut out 2 pieces on the fold and sew them together.  Well the actual tracing of the pattern and cutting of the material I swear took me about 3 hours! I don't know why, I was obviously fannying about a bit too much and then when I had cut the pieces it is said lay the front leg on the back leg and pin together.  Of course my front leg was not as wide as the back leg so I was confused, think I spent about an hour, with my boyfriend 'umming and ahhing' over how this could be? I measured everything again, scrupulously, to make sure I hadn't traced wrong or cut the fabric wrong. I didn't realise that they weren't supposed to match up, this is just how patterns work! (I eventually realised this by turning to the next page of the book and reading about fabric construction, oops)

I decided to leave the actual sewing until the following day, this part also took me a couple of hours but it was fun! I also overlocked all my seams, so cool!
So I proudly present my first handmade garment! my Margot jammies; I wore them all day yesterday, it was Sunday, I could.

I think I want to make a top next, actually I want to make a skirt but seeing as I never wear them it might be a bit pointless, so a top it will be.