8 October 2015

Blog carnival - Halloween

Welcome to our EtsyMetal monthly Blog Carnival!
Blog Carnival is about a group of our members sharing their experience on a common topic.



My favourite thing about Halloween used to be watching scary stuff on the t.v! Especially the Ghost Hunters special :) obviously when I was younger we used to go out trick or treatin´and seeing how many goodies we collect. I was the kind of kid who would scoff all my sweets at once but my sister would hoard her bag of sweets forever! I swear she still had some into the next year!

I always have some bat jewellery in my shop too, to make sure people have something to wear during the spooky season:

Check out what some of my fellow Etsy Metal friends do for Halloween

Andrea Ring http://amuckdesign.blogspot.ch/
Beth Cyr http://www.bethcyr.com/blog

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