30 April 2009

New in the shop

Hi guys I just wanted to share with you some new earrings which are now in my Etsy Store.  It is some more silver clay work from me. I really need to make something new out of polymer next but this silver clay has got me hooked!
As you can see this is another oxidized piece, I just love the detail and the organic feel of the oxidization.  I have kiln fired these earrings onto stirling silver posts and they also have sterling silver butterfly backs.  I made 3 new pieces yesterday so they will be added to Etsy shortly.

29 April 2009

My thoughts on art clay silver (PMC)

So this post is mainly for Holly, I hope you are reading! :)

I haven't been working with silver clay for very long.  I remember I kept seeing "art clay silver" for sale on the website where I used to buy my polymer clay but I never really took any notice of it.  I just clicked on it one day and read about this clay that once it had been fired would turn to pure silver, a higher silver content than sterling, I thought wow!
I booked myself on a intro to silver clay course and loved it, I then saved up went and completed my level 1 in art clay.  Believe it or not I never touched silver again at home until February this year one I bought my kiln.  I saved up for my kiln as I didn't want to torch fire.  You can get the same results with torch firing but you can melt the clay if you get the torch flame too hot, or you could not fire it long enough and it could become brittle.  Silver clay is expensive and I didnt want to mess it up.  
So you could say I have only really been working with it now for about 4 months and I love it! It is totally different from working with polymer clay for a start I have found that I need to think in advance what I am going to make as the silver clay just dries to quickly so there is no time for messing about!  With polymer I used to just sit there and fiddle about until I came up with something that I like, I cant do that with silver clay.  There is also silver paste also know as "slip" this stuff is the best thing, you can buy the paste but there really is no need as all it is is watered down silver clay.  Or I would just buy the one pot then you can just keep topping it up with bits of clay that have become hard or the sanded off bits from when you have been sanding in the dry state.  The best thing about silver clay is that you can fine tune your piece once it has dried before firings,  sanding with either a file or fine sand paper.

I could go on and on about silver clay as there is lots to find out and learn so if you are curious, definately give it a go.

28 April 2009


My thoughts on PMC coming tomorrow, watch this space :)
I was going to write this post tonight but its late and Im feeling the tiredness so I shall leave it for the morning.  Meanwhile here is some serious eye candy from the very talented Mango Tango, enjoy! 

22 April 2009

All Moved

Now we are all moved into our new place I thought it was about time I wrote a little blog post.  It seems to be taking us ages to get out flat unpacked and get everything sorted.  We have way too much stuff!  I have been busy with work and so on therefore I still haven't managed to get in the new craft room to start on something new, so no photo for you today.  We haven't got the internet in the flat yet but we have wifi downstairs in the pub so hopefully we will be able to get a booster to boost it up the stairs to us which will make life a lot easier.
I hate being offline for an amount of time as there is always so much catching up to do with all the websites I visit, so I am off to get started and hopefully I will have something new in my shop over the next couple of days.

13 April 2009

About to Move

So I have been busy packing these last couple of days as we are moving house on Tuesday.  I say house I mean pubs.  We move quite a lot as my other half is a pub manager and this time we are back up to Northampton.  I havent had much time lately to make anything new but I have been finishing off some old pendants, putting them on chains and oxidizing them.  I think they look much better oxidized as it brings out so much of the detail.  The necklaces are now in my Etsy shop.  I see art clay silver has now gone up in price so I might purchase some of the bronze clay and give that a go, you get more for you're money, plus I have been meaning to try it so this gives me an excuse!

6 April 2009


Oxidised Guitar Pick/plectrum
Originally uploaded by ✭Lou✭

A lovely girl from Italy bought this plectrum today, I hope she love it :)

5 April 2009

Art clay post earrings

Art clay post earrings
Originally uploaded by ✭Lou✭

Some new earrings which I made the other day. These ones I am going to keep myself as they need refining a little but I am going to make some more for my shops so look out for those. I have also been oxidising some older pieces, you can check them out in my flickr stream.

4 April 2009

The Earrings

New earrings by Revonav
Originally uploaded by ✭Lou✭

I said I would post a photo of my earrings from Revonav so here they are. Love them soooo much!
I havent made anything that new lately I have just been experimenting with some bits. I may have a couple of photos up tomorrow on flickr but I am not sure yet.
Other news us that we are moving again on the 14th April which means I have to get all my clay packed up so that will stall me for a couple of days or so but hopefully not too long. Too much packing to do and not enough time!