17 December 2008

Another Day...

So my nice 6 days off has come to an end and its back to work tomorrow :(

I think everything is sorted now for Christmas, well it is only me and Dom so not much to do really.  I tend to start looking forward to the new year now anyway and what it will bring! I am hoping it will be a good one and that nothing bad happens and my family are kept safe and healthy.
Anyway! Here is something new in my shop today, enjoy.

16 December 2008


Yep thats right people I sold something today! Well I actually sold 2 things but one was a PIF (pay it forward 2o cent listing) so Im not counting that one LOL.
Here is the pendant that sold (see below post) so that was awesome and I have just made a few more little house pendants that will be in the shop tomorrow.
I also visited the Etsy Labs today for the first time and I managed to get in the hot seat for a shop critique, you have to be fast so I was lucky!  I got some great advice and it looks like everyone thought I had a pretty unique product which is great to hear so I just need to fill my shop out a bit more.
Here is another pendant which was added to the shop this evening.

New in the shop

So I have been enjoying my 6 days off work yay! Managed to get all of our Christmas shopping done and also saw my mum over the weekend so that was good.  
Have managed to fit in some crafting too so this is a new pendant in my Etsy store, will be adding another one later this evening too.

13 December 2008

Cant Sleep...

So I thought I'd blog! Dom and I managed to get all of our Christmas shopping finished today which Im happy about so thats good then it just tomorrow we are putting up the tree and decorations, gonna be done 12 days before Christmas! :)
I listed these cuties in my Etsy store today so go check them out.  I have also been working on my Artfire store today so will hopefully have some pieces in there tomorrow. Busy Bust Busy!

8 December 2008

Well today has been a pretty good so far, I have made 3 new things for my Etsy shop, have joined Twitter and now thinking of opening up a shop over at Artfire.
Im starting to meet and network with loads of people from Etsy, finding new blogs and hearting new shops.  Love it! Here is something new which will be in my store shortly.