26 August 2009


So this is my last post for 2 weeks as I am off on my sunny hols to Switzerland/ France/ Germany. Everything I had to finish is done, charms made and sent and all 3 sets of cake toppers completed.
When I get back I have another couple of sets to make and then I want to start on some Halloween themed jewellery pieces in silver, Im thinking bats, ghosts, apples!?!
Speaking of apples I will finally get to finish the 4th and final book of the Twilight saga which I have saved mostly for my holiday and when I finish the book its going to be a sad, sad day ;)

Must go pack!

21 August 2009

Dead animals, smashed cars & clay dogs

So we are looking after my other halfs, sons cat at the moment called sooty. Sooty likes to bring me dead presents in the middle of the night and sometimes live ones too. First of all it was a bird which I think played dead until Sooty had got him under the bed and then decided to come alive again, screeching and flying around under the bed with the cat trying to catch him again. The bird was surprisingly unharmed and we managed to put him back outside. Next was a little dead mouse which I am sure had been under there for a few days as I only realised it was there when I could smell it, yuck! Then I was woken up 2 days ago by the cat miaowing at me trying to show me a nice dead rat he had brought me, again under my side of the bed, lovely! I know you are showing me affection with all your gifts but please Sooty, no more presents!

Speaking of being woken up, I had a nice wake up call this morning at 7.30am when a car smashed into the wall below our bedroom window. Luckily we live above the pub my partner runs so not out house to damage, I swear the noise nearly gave me a heart attack!

Finally I am making some cake toppers at the moment and I have just finished these 2 miniature schnauzers, I will have a final pic of the toppers up here when they are done.
Thats all for now, have a great weekend everyone :)

17 August 2009

EMC charms, Done!

Here are my charms all comeplete for the EMC team charm swap, just need to get them packed up and across the pond, yay! Im so excited about receiving a charm from everyone, it is going to be the coolest bracelet.

I forgot to add that they are made from copprclay with little silver butterflies and sterling silver jump rings.

6 August 2009

I havent made much this past week, well for more Etsy shop anyway. I have just been working on my charms for the EMC swap and they are nearly done, just waiting or the jump rings to arrive and then they can be assembled. You can see by the photos what a big old mess firing copper makes in my kiln, ugh.
I also have a cake topper order which needs starting this week as the wedding is in a months time but I am off on my hols so need to get it done before then.