26 May 2009

What is PMC?

So I thought I would right a post just to explain what precious metal clay (PMC) is. There are people out there who aren't crafty and haven't a clue what I work with so this is for them! I am pretty new to this medium also but this is what I have learnt.

There are 2 types of silver clay available, 1 brand is called PMC and the other "art clay silver" but for the purpose of this post I will call them both PMC.  Both PMC and art clay silver have different types of clay for example, slow dry clay or low tarnish. PMC once fired turns to pure silver 9.99 which is more pure than sterling silver 9.25 but not as strong as sterling, its is a much softer metal.

PMC comes in quite a few forms, clay, syringe, paper type and paste.  In my work I mainly use clay and paste, I do have some syringes but I am saving those for when I can think of a good use for them. There is also a product called oil paste which is used on already fired silver clay to attach findings or to mend broken pieces.  Oil paste can only be fired in a kiln.
The clay comes in different size packs, 7g, 10g, 25g and 50g and it costs just over a pound per gram so pretty expensive. You can use this medium like any other type of clay with regards to manipulating it. It is best to know what you are going to make before you take out the clay from the packet as it dries really fast. You can also get slow dry clay which gives you up to 4 times longer to work with the clay before it does dry.  The good thing is though that it never goes out of date and if your clay does dry out you can bring it back to consistency.  Small dried out pieces call also be added to your silver paste pot which is just watered down clay which is used to attach findings, stick pieces together and it can also be used to make designs on your work using a paint brush.
There is also PMC paper type, which is silver but you guessed it, like paper! You can cut it with scissors, punch it with paper punches or even fold it and use it for origami.  
PMC can be fired either with a blow torch or in a kiln apart from the paper type and oil paste which is kiln fire only.

There is definitely lots to know about PMC so I have only touched the basics here but I just wanted to share a little bit about the medium I like to use.  Now bronze clay and copper clay are also available so one day I hope to introduce those clays into my designs too.

20 May 2009

Guitar plectrum

I seem to have been very productive of late, making lots of things for my Etsy shop.

Here is my latest offering for the music lover or guitar player.  Its a silver plectrum which I have made into a necklace, you can whip this necklace off and play guitar anytime you like now :)

19 May 2009


I just love, love, love how these necklaces turned out, if I do say so myself!

They are made from real leaves which have been painted in silver clay paste (the back of the leaf is painted, the veiny bit).  I fire them in my kiln for about 30 minutes at 650℃, the leaf then burns away and the pure silver leaf is left with all the detail, how cool!
Once I had brushed them I oxidized them and then burnished the edges to really make them sparkle and twinkle in the light. I hope you like them and you can now find them in my Etsy shop :)

New in the Shop

I am back on my laptop now, yay, just a quick post to update you with the new listing in my shop, these super cute earrings. ↑
Also my leaf necklaces are finished so I will have some pics up of those tomorrow. 

17 May 2009

Blogiddy blog

I will be back with a half decent blog post soon, my other half reclined the sofa on my laptop charger and broke it, dammit. A new charger should be here tomorrow fingers crossed!

12 May 2009

Work in Progress & sale!

First of all I made a sale today, yay! it was my falling star necklace that sold so that has made my day.
Secondly I have been making some silver leaves, the reason being is that I ran out of silver clay but have loads of paste so I thought I would utilize it and make some leaves.  Im not sure what the outcome of them will be yet but I am pretty sure they will be oxidized and turned into necklaces, maybe combining them with polymer clay.

9 May 2009

Undiscovered- Koneart

Meet Koneart, who is a potter, he/she makes amazing  clay items.  My faves from their shop have got to be the lunch sets.

Here are a few facts about Koneart:

1. I can’t ignore nature or its Creator 2. I love writing a good story with a happy ending 3. I’m not afraid of spiders 4. I love the night sky but don’t want to leave earth 5. The smell of the ocean, the feel of the salty air puts life into me 6. I love creating things with my hands and have decided that the Creator must have loved creating too 7. Listening to music sooths me, playing it frustrates me. [And those around me] [Grin] 8. I wish I were an oceanographer—no, a botanist—no, a scientist . . . and so forth 9. Arguments frighten me and so do wild booze parties  10. I love quiet—quiet enough to hear a bubble pop 

Have a look at their shop and discover someone undiscovered!

8 May 2009

Books I'm Reading

I thought I would write about some new books I purchased that arrived today and yesterday.  I am looking to learn more about working with sterling silver and learn some metal smithing techniques especially soldering.  I got Tim Mc Creight's book "PMC Techniques, Hot & Cold Connections"  I have a had a browse through and it looks really good and informative.  I also bought Jinks McGrath's book "Jewellery Making- A Complete Guide For Beginners" and also Joanna Gollberg's book "The Art & Craft of Making Jewellery"  The latter I think is not really for the beginner, well it looked a little complicated for me anyway but it is nice to browse through and look at the gallery photo's. Jink's book I think will be a good start as it is more for the beginner after flicking through I am looking forward to having a more in depth read and giving a couple of the projects a go.

7 May 2009

Building Bricks

I made this necklace a couple of days ago and have just got round to listing it.  Again made from art clay silver strung on antique silver chain with a lobster claw clasp.  You can find it here :)