25 February 2010

Work in progress

Some work in progress, I am currently making 2 sets of toppers for April and this is the bride of one set.
I will get the finished pic up once it is finished.

18 February 2010

Some new cake toppers

Just a quick post tonight to put this pic up of some cake toppers I have just finished :)

16 February 2010

My studio..

Here is an updated pic of my studio since I moved to France, as you can see its still as messy as ever!  Its a work in progress though and I am slowly sorting it out and getting everything into place.

My desk is a total mess at the moment here but it is all clear now as I had to have it clean for making cake toppers as polymer picks up dirt and dust like nothing else.

I think I just need to inject a bit of colour now and brighten it up a bit :)

14 February 2010

Some new earrings

Now I have finally learnt to solder I have been making little post earrings non stop, I love them!

Above are a couple of pairs which I am currently uploading to my Etsy shop :)

11 February 2010

I can solder!


I have had my solder paste now since Christmas and all my other bits and pieces to solder but last night was the first night I gave it a go.  I wanted to solder ear posts to my PMC earrings which I had made earlier so I plucked up the courage, stuck my little goggles on and went for it!

I must have had about 4 goes and couldn't seem to get it right, the solder wouldn't flow and I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong.  So after much frustration I flickr mailed my buddy,  the lovely David of Revonav who explained it all to me and gave me a great link for making posts too.  I left it and went back to it this morning and fiddled about with positioning of the earring post and the direction of the torch and it worked! The solder flowed and I made my earrings.  I got a bit solder happy and made 4 pairs above is one of them.  I have wanted to make these for a while now as an alternative to my paint palette necklace and I love making and wearing post earring myself.

These earrings will be up in my Etsy shop tomorrow, so here's to more soldering and thanks again to David, go check out his awesome shop here. :)

8 February 2010


I am currently in 4 treasuries and featured on Etsy's front page 2 days in a row make that 3 times in 2 days now! Lucky me, I now have lots of new hearts for my shop.

I haven't put any new jewelery in the shop for a few weeks now so that is next on my list, I have a few ideas buzzing around my head which I am looking forward to trying out along with re-shooting my photographs once my coloured backgrounds arrive. :)

Also go check out Barbe's (one of my Etsy metal clay team buddies) Quit Your Day Job interview...

4 February 2010

EMC Charms

I haven't actually written about the charms that I recieved in the Etsy Metal Clay charm swap.  I got mine a bit later than everyone else as I was moving abroad and I didn't want them to get lost in transit!
Each of us involved made a set of charms using either silver, copper of bronze clay and we made a couple of extra ones for charity.  One of the bracelets went to the Hearts for Haiti shop on Etsy and pretty much sold right away which was awesome.  Here is a pic of the charms I made and another pic of the finished bracelet that went to Hearts for Haiti.  Thanks to Ruth for the finished bracelet pic :)