4 February 2010

EMC Charms

I haven't actually written about the charms that I recieved in the Etsy Metal Clay charm swap.  I got mine a bit later than everyone else as I was moving abroad and I didn't want them to get lost in transit!
Each of us involved made a set of charms using either silver, copper of bronze clay and we made a couple of extra ones for charity.  One of the bracelets went to the Hearts for Haiti shop on Etsy and pretty much sold right away which was awesome.  Here is a pic of the charms I made and another pic of the finished bracelet that went to Hearts for Haiti.  Thanks to Ruth for the finished bracelet pic :)


whyte said...

I love these charms and the bracelet! I looks like real metal charms! I don't know a thing about clay, does metal mean it's tinted to look like metal or there is real metal in it? I'm going to answer my own question with a google or checking out your etsy team! Just super looking!

PeculiarForest said...

The charms are metal, we use precious metal clay which either comes in silver, copper, bronze or gold. It starts out as a clay and then once fired in a kiln turns to either pure copper, bronze, fine silver or gold. Valuable stuff! if you have googled it you probably know all this now anyway :)