10 September 2012

A new website....again

I decided to get rid of my Big Cartel website as I realised with my Moonfruit account (my cake topper website is with them) I can make up to 5 websites! I already pay a yearly fee for this so why am I paying again monthly for a Big Cartel site, doh.

So I have been busy working on this new website which is at www.peculiarforest.com and here is a screen shot of the homepage.

I really like how it looks so far, at the moment I just listing my items which I replicate a lot in my Etsy shop and then maybe I will add some more individual one off items too.

It would be great if you could take a look at let me know what you think :)

3 September 2012

EtsyMetal blog carnival, Pets!

Welcome to the EtsyMetal blog carnival
Blog carnival is about a group of our members sharing their experience on
a common topic: "Pets"

I love this months topic as I have a lot of pets! 

They are not everyone's cup of tea but I have 10 rats.  I did have 15 at one point too, it's quite a funny story.  So when my partner and I moved to France I decided I would like 2 pet ratties, I have had them before and they are great fun, so we got to little ones called Bella and Bo (who are now in ratty heaven, RIP little ones).  
We then decided we would like 2 more to add as we were getting this BIG cage, so off we went to get them and my partner says, "ohh I really want that big black one too!" I said okay, so we came away with 3.  Two days later The 'big black one' gave birth to 10, yes 10! Of course we didn't know she was pregnant and me being me I couldn't give them away so we kept them all, 15 in total.

Here are some pics


All the babies a couple of days old

8 days old

Here they are at 4 weeks

Unfortunately we have recently lost 3 of the babies who are now over a year old, to illnesses and we now have 10.  We had 5 girls and 5 boy rat babies which meant we had to get all the boys neutered and they are now huge! I must take some new pictures.

This year in January we welcomed another baby into the family, our little Yorkie puppy called 'Brutus'
He is the coolest dog ever, here are a couple of pics.

A very young Brutus

As he is now.

I hope you enjoyed meeting my pets, take a look at other participating members of
the EtsyMetal team blogs and meet their pets too :)