28 July 2009

Im Back

After being ill for the last 2 weeks and being away visiting my sister for her graduation, I am now back working away, yay!
I have a couple of photos to share, one is a daisy ring I made for myself from PMC, which I love and I thought turned out really well. I also have a pic of the cake topper I made for my sisters graduation cake.
Now I need to get cracking on my charms for the EMC charm swap, I have decided to make mine from Copprclay combined with silver, just need to wait for the supplies to arrive now!

16 July 2009

Something New..

This is going to be a really short post as I am just about to head away for the week. I just wanted to share these new earrings I made. You can find them in my shop, I hope you all like them :)

3 July 2009

Cake Tops

I have spent the last week or so sorting out my cake topper website and getting it back up and running. Before I started making jewellery I made personalised wedding cake toppers and this is something I am going to start doing again and taking on a couple of orders. Well basically because its good money and funds my jewellery making habit also. I havent used polymer clay for quite a while now so need to dig out the clay and tools and get cracking. Here is my website, take a look!