28 July 2009

Im Back

After being ill for the last 2 weeks and being away visiting my sister for her graduation, I am now back working away, yay!
I have a couple of photos to share, one is a daisy ring I made for myself from PMC, which I love and I thought turned out really well. I also have a pic of the cake topper I made for my sisters graduation cake.
Now I need to get cracking on my charms for the EMC charm swap, I have decided to make mine from Copprclay combined with silver, just need to wait for the supplies to arrive now!


K.C. said...

The ring is beautiful and the cake topper is da bomb! Love the polka dot dress! Glad you are feeling better! Can't wait to see your copper, I hear the bronze is a bit messy, is the copper the same?

Lou said...

Thank you!
I havent tried the copper yet, I ordered the copper initially but they sent me bronze instead. I love the look if the copper though so looking forward to trying it. :)

Ruth said...

I started mine yesterday - but only in a very small way! Quite daunting to make so many!

Pips said...
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Pips said...

Lou - you're back Yay!! Glad you are feeling better. That ring is to die for - really gorgeous and your sister must have been made up with the cake topper. Such lovely diverse work, you exceed at both styles!

Lou said...

Ruth- my charms are almost done now, Im off on holiday on the 27th Aug so had to get them finished.

Pip- aw you're too nice! :) I think I will make a somerings like this for my shop and some other styles too. This one I kept as I just glued the flower to the base but I want to master soldering before I put anything like this in my shop, so I know it wont fall off!