29 June 2010

Etsy Finds & Wedding Cake Toppers

Yesterday I made it into the etsy finds, yay! First time ever :)
I got 2 sales out of it and a ton of shop hearts and item hearts so it's all good.  It was my 'Tiny star necklace' that was featured.

I also have these 2 sets of cake toppers to show you.  I made the first set (at the top) but they got lost in the post, or so we thought.  So then I had to make a second lot and get them posted (the most expensive shipping ever! :S)  It turns out the first lot turned up on the wedding day, a whole 15 days after they were posted!  This is pretty unusual as I had posted another set the same day to the U.K and they arrived after 3 days, hmmm

 Anyway it turned out they had to use the first set anyway as the hotel lost the second set! Luckily they found them later on but it was the first set that ended up on the cake after all!

I do think I like the second lot better, just goes to show, handmade means nothing is ever identical!

25 June 2010

Friday Favourites on etsy

I just love green!
Here are a few of my faves this week from my treasury, please click to enlarge :)
The bottom row got cut off during my screen capture, those shops are from left to right:

23 June 2010

oooh Shiny!

I finally got some new supplies in the post today, I had got the gemstones earlier but my wire only arrived today to I managed to get some new pieces listed in my shop, hurrah!

I got garnets, quartz tilak briolettes and some sky blue topaz onion briolettes.  I wrapped them all in oxidized sterling because I just love the dark colour!  They all hang from my own handmade ear wires too.  I think I will make some into necklaces too so there can be a matching set if required, lovely.

All can be found here :)

19 June 2010

13 June 2010

Cows & Stamped

I thought I would kill 2 birds with one stone with this post and show what I have been making in both shops.

First up is a new little stamped custom necklace for my shop in copper. I think it is cute and great for everyday wear.  I got a set of letter stamps so looking forward to playing around with those a bit more.
I have also ordered some lovely gem stone briolettes so can't wait for those to arrive either.  I love getting new supllies delivered! :)

Next up are these cow cake toppers, more cows!  The dress was really big and princess like so it was quite a difficult one to make but I managed to get it right in the end.
Jewellery will be put on hold again as I have a last minute order to complete for 2 weeks time which I would like to get finished by midweek at the latest.

10 June 2010

2nd Etsy metal clay charm swap

I received my charms the other week for our second swap. I love them all, so beautiful!
Thanks to Evelyn for lending me this pic of her finished charm bracelet, how awesome does it look!

6 June 2010


I made this new necklace, I think it is pretty cool! My first go at riveting too.
It is 2 copper pieces, the first with my pierced design and the second I have oxidized and attached underneath so the patina shows through the design.  It is quite a heavy piece so I think I need to experiment a bit more when my new supplies arrive.

Happy weekend all :)

4 June 2010

Cake topper- work in progress

It's that time again, time to put down the jewellery and catch up on CT orders.  Here is a sneak peak of some cows I am making.  I have 2 sets on the go at the mo, you can't see the others though as the bride needs to keep the dress a secret from the groom, and he might be here...hiding:)

Also check out my new Etsy banner and Avatar made by WinchesterLambourne, it is freaking awesome if I say so myself.

That is all :)