28 December 2007

Christmas Time Fun!

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Had a great Christmas with the family had my mum and step dad down for Christmas and then we went to my grandads for boxing day which is when this pic was taken with my new camera. Yes it was the one I blogged about here, yay!

Retro Cufflinks

Retro Cufflinks
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These are my latest creations made for my etsy shop. Made from polymer as usual and mounted on silver plated cuff link findings.

Lemon studs

Lemon studs
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I made these studs from the leftover can which was used for the larger lemonade earrings. They are made from polymer and mounted on silver plated posts.

Im still here....

...and Im going to write a decent post tonight, right now feel all groggy and off to work.

21 December 2007

Lemonade earrings

Lemonade earrings
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Made from polymer using the millefiori technique. With sterling silver ear hooks and various other yellow beads.

Coffee swirl earrings

Coffee swirl earrings
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Earrings to match the bracelet or to wear alone. With sterling silver ear hooks.

Coffee swirl bracelet

Coffee swirl bracelet
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I have been working on some new pieces for my etsy shop here is the first bracelet I have ever made and I love it! Made from polymer clay of course and strung on strong nylon with black and white seed beads and a silver plated toggle.

21 November 2007

Finished topper

wedding topper
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Here is the finished product off to their new home.  Made from fimo and the flowers are a mixture of clay and mulberry paper flowers.  Another customer happy!

20 November 2007

How to slice a round cane

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Go check this guy out if you do a lot of cane work. His canes are amazing and the detail is pretty much the best I have seen. He has done a tutorial on how to get perfectly round canes in his blog, brilliant! 

19 November 2007

Work in progress

Well I have been away from here for a couple of days, I have been really busy with work etc.  Here are some toppers I have been working on.  I will get the finished pic up tomorrow before they are posted.

12 November 2007

New buttons

Stripey Buttons
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I have made some more buttons, these are now in my etsy shop along with 2 new pairs of ear studs. These buttons are made from fimo.

All I want for Christmas.....

Is this lovely camera.  Id like a new one especially for taking close up pics of jewelry and buttons I have made. Here's hoping :)

10 November 2007

Craftjuice Competition

The comp has now ended and I came 3rd! Well done to Sam for coming first place with her lovely nursery wall hanging.

9 November 2007

Im back!

So we now have the internet in our flat so I can get back up to date with Blogging, etsy, craft forums, flickr etc.  I have been pottering around with bits of clay over the last couple of days and I have made some more earrings and buttons so pics will be up here shortly.
Im now a member of the 'The polymer clay artists guild of etsy' (pcagoe) A guild for people who use polymer clay and sell on Etsy funnily enough! Some amazing working on there flickr group so check it out.

7 November 2007

Just a quick one

I am just waiting to get the internet installed in my flat then I will be back online with lots of pics!

28 October 2007

New Toppers

Here is another set from me, they had the bike next to the couple on the cake.
Ok the bike wont upload at the min so I will add it later.

24 October 2007

Craft Juice comp plug!

It is coming to the end of the craft juice competition so I am looking for more votes for my toppers, if you havent done already you can vote for me here (cheeky arent I!)

No work just yet

I havent done any crafting of late as I have been working part time in the pub to earn myself some extra money.  My next topper order is for the 1st December which I will be starting on very soon.  Im quite excited as our flat is ready to move into from Saturday so I will finally be able to set up my little crafting room and get some work done with everything I need around me.  Imalso really excited as its one week to go before I do my first certificate in Art Clay Silver.  I will then be making lots of jewelry to sell and give away as Christmas presents.
I have also pledged to buy handmade thanks to Lynsey for the link over at the craft forum.

23 October 2007


Thanks to Anice and Lisa I have been nominated for this award, it has made my day! :)

My turn to nominate now, these are the blogs I read at the more and they too make me smile, thanks guys.

19 October 2007

No pics just yet

I will be posting the pics of my recently finished toppers very shortly. Im finally up to date with all of my orders so Im pretty pleased with that, my next order is for the 1st of December so I have a little time to relax and get on with other clay things which I want to try. It might give me a chance to use my silver clay and make some more jewelry before my course on the 1st November. Im really looking forward to the course it should be really interesting.
Meanwhile over at the craft forum I am taking part in secret santa this year so will also be making something for that, already have an idea what Im going to do anyway.
Thats all for the mo, I have just finished a shift in the kitchen so Im off home for shower and bed!

15 October 2007

14 October 2007

New work in progress

Here are a couple of new toppers sitting in the oven and getting ready to be baked.

Art Clay Silver

I have found a new love, Art Clay Silver! A type of precious metal clay which can be used to make jewelry, trinkets or anything really. Its a silver clay that once fired turns to pure fine silver and can be hallmarked. I went on a intro course on Saturday 13th where I came out with 2 pendants a pair or earrings and 3 charms for a bracelet. The course was held at the clay pit studios which ajoins the polymer clay pit The day was brill and want to say a big thank you to Lynda Cheney who taught us.

Scottish Toppers Finished

Here is the end result of my Scottish couple. I found the groom really difficult to make but I think he turned out well in the end. I am so used to not making legs that it was hard for this one. Made from Fimo as usual with mulberry flowers which I painted to orange and the kilt was made using tartan ribbon.

10 October 2007

Current work in progress

I am making these at the mo which will be finished by this evening (fingers crossed!) The couple are from Scotland so the groom will be in a kilt. I will post the finished toppers once they are completed.

More Toppers

Here are my latest set of toppers mad from fimo as usual with mulberry flowers and the grooms glasses are made using wire.

8 October 2007

Work Work Work!

I havent managed to get on here for a coupl of days. I have just moved down to Southend today finally but things are still all up in the air! Hopefully I can get some more pics on here soon of my latest work. I have had a few topper enquiries over the last couple of days so will see where that leads. I still have a few toppers to make for October so need to get them finished by the end off this week although the postal strikes really arent helping at the moment!

2 October 2007

New Toppers

I forgot I had already uploaded this pic to flickr so I can put it on here after all.

I have been a bit slack with the forum posts as I am not at my own house at the minute, our flat STILL isnt ready so Im getting a tad annoyed! I wanted to post some pics of my new toppers but I cant do that at the mo as they are all on my laptop which is highly annoying. Hopefully I can get back to normality soon and contnue posting my work. In the meantime here is one of my toppers on a previous customers cake.

29 September 2007

Finished Toppers

I was hoping to post a pic of the toppers below all finished and nice but I cant do that at the mo as I am currently at one of my relatives house using their comp and all my work is on my laptop. Unfortunately they havent got wireless broadband but Im going to see if I can get my laptop plugged in and then it will be all fine and dandy! Im really annoyed atually because I bought some tartan ribbon especially for a groom wearing a kilt and I have gone and left it somewhere grrrr.

27 September 2007

Work In Progress

Here is another pic of the 2 girls.  These toppers are alomost done just need to bake the white dog and paint him, ill post a pic of the finished toppers later.

26 September 2007

Hunters Designs now at DaWanda

I decided today I would offer my cake topping services on DaWanda as well as Etsy, after all you can never have too much exposure and that fact it is free to list items makes it even more appealing.  Not sure how my toppers will get on over there but I will keep you posted.  You can find my shop here.

Craft Juice

Brand new site for everyone who wants to show off there crafts.  There is currently a competition running over there where you can vote on the best craft and winner gets £25.  I have my cow toppers on over there so if anyone would like to vote for me you can do that here

New Toppers

Here is some more work in progress,  This one is for 2 girls tying the knot and they will also be having their dog on the topper.  I will post complete pics when they are finished.

25 September 2007


Im happy to say that yesterday I had my first Etsy sale.  Someone purchased a pair of cake toppers from me.  Everything went great until I realised I had spelt my name wrong, yes thats right people I misspelt my own name! in my email address that was attached to my Paypal account so my funds went flying through cyber space elsewhere.  Luckily I managed to get it all sorted out, not without having a big panic first!

24 September 2007

Cant work, Wont work!

I am currently sitting upstairs on my mums bed while I type this.  The gas man here trying to fix the pilot light on the boiler and as my work table is right in front of the boiler I am unable to work right now.  Your probably wondering why I am at my mums house? (if not, tough Im going to tell you anyway )  My partner Dom, manages pubs so we have just moved from Wembley to Southend.  Our new flat isn't vacant  yet so all our furniture is currently in storage so Im up here, he's down there, I've got cake topper orders flying in thick and fast as well as other small commissions so its a bit of a pain at the mo.  Hopefully it will all turn out good in the end!
Ooh gas man is leaving, back to work....

23 September 2007

Finished Toppers

So much for for showing 'work in progress'! I managed to get these ones finished really quickly.  Another sitting down couple, I really like how these have turned out.  They are made from Fimo clay as usual.  The flowers are mulberry paper flowers, I prefer using the mulberry ones as opposed to making them myself, I love the effect.  
Now straight onto my next set, will post a couple of pics as I go.

22 September 2007


Sorry guys nothing exciting to report tonight.  Have been cake toppering all day ad just been out for dinner and am now ready for my bed! WIll post pics tomorrow of my finished toppers.

21 September 2007

Work in Progress..

I thought I would put up a pic on here on what I am working on at the mo.  She is going to be a sitting down bride and her dress is gorgeous in the pic, I just hope I can do it justice.

New friend

Over at the craft forum we were talking about spiders in the house and how they seem to be getting bigger, so thought I would share this little fella with you, he was hanging from my mums kitchen door!
Here I am sitting here in front of my laptop willing myself to get up and do some work!  The weather is taking a turn for the worse and all I want to do is cuddle up on the sofa with a blanket, tea and chocolate! 

First Post!

Well I thought I would jump on the blogging band wagon! Mainly to show off my clay work really and to let everyone know what I have been up too.
Cake toppers are currently keeping me really busy with most people getting married in October.  This coupled with moving house (again!) has left me no time to do anything else. 
So here is a topper which I finished today.  They are made from fimo for a couple who are farmers.  They are also having a cow print cake so when they have sent me a pic from the wedding I will post that up here too.