30 December 2011

Christmas Gifts

Time ran out and I never got round to writing my tool Christmas wish list but I did get some new tools for Christmas :)

Before Christmas I bought myself a little disk cutter and I got another one as a Christmas gift from my mum, it is this one found on Cooksons.  It makes discs and also these little conicle shapes.  I am yet to try it out but will post pics when I do.

Thank you to my sister I also received a ring stick, I have been trying to get ring making tools together for some time and I am now almost there! Just a few more bits to get.  This stick has both American and European sizes and also tells you the length of metal you need for each ring size, super useful.

I also received a £100 Amazon voucher so I purchased some jewellery making books. Can't wait to receive these.

21 December 2011

All I want for Christmas....

...is lots of tools and things from etsy:)

Silver Buds by Revonav

Flower coasters by decoylab

The Hermitage Chapel by Bewilderandpine

Vintage nick nack shelf by Myvintageobsessions

Soooo that's just a small part of my wishlist, next up will be my tool wishlist...ahhhh tools :)

9 December 2011

A little tool

I have been wanting a disc cutter and doming set for aaaages so when i saw this one on sale at Cooksons I had to get it! It arrived today and it is so tiny it's quite funny.

I would say it is perfect for some of my little post earrings and I will be giving it a go soon, watch this space.