24 September 2007

Cant work, Wont work!

I am currently sitting upstairs on my mums bed while I type this.  The gas man here trying to fix the pilot light on the boiler and as my work table is right in front of the boiler I am unable to work right now.  Your probably wondering why I am at my mums house? (if not, tough Im going to tell you anyway )  My partner Dom, manages pubs so we have just moved from Wembley to Southend.  Our new flat isn't vacant  yet so all our furniture is currently in storage so Im up here, he's down there, I've got cake topper orders flying in thick and fast as well as other small commissions so its a bit of a pain at the mo.  Hopefully it will all turn out good in the end!
Ooh gas man is leaving, back to work....

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