21 September 2007

First Post!

Well I thought I would jump on the blogging band wagon! Mainly to show off my clay work really and to let everyone know what I have been up too.
Cake toppers are currently keeping me really busy with most people getting married in October.  This coupled with moving house (again!) has left me no time to do anything else. 
So here is a topper which I finished today.  They are made from fimo for a couple who are farmers.  They are also having a cow print cake so when they have sent me a pic from the wedding I will post that up here too.


Jeannette said...

Well Done on your Blog and Toppers, they are so cute!
Do you do Elephants aswell. If you do I would love to see them.

Happy Blogging and Happy Crafting!

Lou said...

Thanks! I have never made elephants but I could do if it was requested. Do you collect them?