29 June 2010

Etsy Finds & Wedding Cake Toppers

Yesterday I made it into the etsy finds, yay! First time ever :)
I got 2 sales out of it and a ton of shop hearts and item hearts so it's all good.  It was my 'Tiny star necklace' that was featured.

I also have these 2 sets of cake toppers to show you.  I made the first set (at the top) but they got lost in the post, or so we thought.  So then I had to make a second lot and get them posted (the most expensive shipping ever! :S)  It turns out the first lot turned up on the wedding day, a whole 15 days after they were posted!  This is pretty unusual as I had posted another set the same day to the U.K and they arrived after 3 days, hmmm

 Anyway it turned out they had to use the first set anyway as the hotel lost the second set! Luckily they found them later on but it was the first set that ended up on the cake after all!

I do think I like the second lot better, just goes to show, handmade means nothing is ever identical!


Amanda said...

Love the cake toppers! So glad they got to the wedding on time! Sometimes I have to wonder what happens to packages that mysteriously show up :)

Congrats on Etsy finds!! Love the star necklace- hearting :)

steufel said...

I love the toppers! And congrats on your sales! You must feel awesome:-)

PeculiarForest said...

Aw thanks, both, at least they had a set for their cake on the day, phew

Mermaid said...

Gorgeous cake toppers!

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