6 June 2010


I made this new necklace, I think it is pretty cool! My first go at riveting too.
It is 2 copper pieces, the first with my pierced design and the second I have oxidized and attached underneath so the patina shows through the design.  It is quite a heavy piece so I think I need to experiment a bit more when my new supplies arrive.

Happy weekend all :)


Carol B said...

I love how it combines organic and modern. It's a wonderful piece!

Shpangle said...

I don't know how I missed this blog post but that is brilliant and I wouldn't know where to start making something like that.

eh..you could have a new line with belt buckles there!


PeculiarForest said...

Thank you Carol!

Ooh yeah belt buckles, thats a good idea! I would need to figure out how to attach to the belt, hmm you have got me thinking, thanks Mick!

waterwaif said...

Hey Lou, I saw you on the etsy forums and I'm your newest follower!

Stop by when you get a chance!