13 April 2009

About to Move

So I have been busy packing these last couple of days as we are moving house on Tuesday.  I say house I mean pubs.  We move quite a lot as my other half is a pub manager and this time we are back up to Northampton.  I havent had much time lately to make anything new but I have been finishing off some old pendants, putting them on chains and oxidizing them.  I think they look much better oxidized as it brings out so much of the detail.  The necklaces are now in my Etsy shop.  I see art clay silver has now gone up in price so I might purchase some of the bronze clay and give that a go, you get more for you're money, plus I have been meaning to try it so this gives me an excuse!

1 comment :

Nicola said...

Bronze clay is lots of fun but the results aren't quite as consistent as silver clay (tends to crack more and is a bit stickier).
Having said that it's still quite a new material so definately have a play with it :)
Nic xx