22 June 2009

Bronz Clay & Cake Toppers

I only really have one half decent photo at the moment of my new bronzclay pieces. Its the same design I have already done in silver, it turned out "o.k".
My first batch of bronzclay went wrong as I mess up the firing schedule and the pieces came out like the clay was still in the plaster dry stage. My second attempt was much better, I had to fire the pieces overnight for a total of 10.5 hours at a very slow ramp speed. I then made a third lot and managed to reduce the time down to just under 9 hours and the pieces turned out well on that firing too. The pieces I made were pretty simple I just really wanted to test the firing schedule first of all so now I can crack on and design some new pieces in Bronze.

On another note I have reopened my cake topper website, Hunters Designs, to start taking orders again and you can find it here

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