22 November 2009


Well its been a pretty good week for me. I have been on the front page of Etsy, in the gift guides, featured twice on craft gawker, had 3 sales and I got an ad on Regretsy!

Not bad if I say so myself. For those of you that don't know (Im pretty sure the world and his dog know now) what Regretsy is its a blog which finds really crazy things on Etsy and basically just takes the piss out of them. Some sellers take great offense to this and some love it, me, I love it, I think its all very tongue in cheek and the sellers who are getting featured are getting a tonne of views and lots of sales. Seeing as my jewellery isn't remotely weird in any way to get featured I thought I would purchase and ad spot and Im really happy that I did. It has brought me lots of views, hearts and sales too.

So if you want to check it out the website is here and there is also a Facebook fan page here.

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