1 June 2012

For Bella

This first post for June is dedicated to my darling rat Bella who was put to sleep a couple of days ago.

Rats aren't for everyone but I have had 15 at one point and we love them.  Bella was the eldest of my rats and we had her for 2.5 years, she started getting tumors and had about 3 in total.  Even though she was living her normal life as usual, one of the tumors was getting too big and she was becoming really skinny and was unable to groom herself.  To keep her around longer would have been too selfish on our part.

So she is now over the rainbow bridge with her sisters and I still have 12 little monkeys left.

RIP my sweet Bella, you were the best rattie ever! :)

She loved tea!

Just sleeping


Arimimen said...

I am sorry for your lost. I also love rodents.

Alison - Belovedly said...

:( very sad news. I've had a few pet rats in my time before I strangely became allergic to them. It was a very sad day when my all time favourite 'Peter' had to be put to sleep and I still fill up thinking about it 12 years later!

Trina (Trina's Clay Creations) said...

I'm sorry for your loss. Very sweet pictures, and I'm sure lots of great memories to hold dear.

PeculiarForest said...

Thank you everyone, it is hard letting go of pets but we have to make sure they aren't suffering either. She had a good life with us :)

AbsolutelyKismet said...

I'm sorry you had to lose her, but I'm glad you knew when to let go. hugs!

Little Harriet said...

I'm sorry that you have lost her, she looked very cute.