1 January 2012

2011 Recap

I like to try and do a yearly recap of all that is happened, I think it is fun to look back and remember what has happened over the past year.

This was a pretty cool month, I turned 30 and my mum organized an amazing surprise party for it.  As we live in France she had arranged for my sister Dani and her boyfriend Mike to come over as a surprise and it was amaaaaaaazing.  Now I will be 31 in 13 days and I am not sure it will be as good as last years celebrations :)

In February I joined Macro Mondays on Flickr, every week there is a theme and you have to take a Macro shot using the theme.  I only did it for a couple of weeks but I would like to get into it again as it's a really good way to challenge yourself.
I was alo nominated for the stylish blogger award! ;)

I really started to explore working with sheet metals this month and I was practicing my saw piercing using copper.  This was when I started getting addicted to the jewellery saw!
I also found this surprised kitty!

April was a pretty funny month as we bought a new large cage for our 2 rats Bella and Bo.  We then decided we wanted a couple more ratties to add to the family so we went off to the pet shop.  We were only going to get 2 and then Dom decided he wanted this other big black rat so we bought her too.  2 days later she gave birth to 10 babies, it was a bit of a shock at first but we kept therm all and got the 5 boys neutered so they could all live together happily. :)

This month I was moving forward creatively and made more first all sterling post earrings which I had soldered all by myself!  This is something relatively new to me so I was happy I had cracked the process.

Busy as ever this month with the cake toppers and it was scorching weather over here in France.

My poor old girl Bo passed away this month, it was really sad as we went to the U.K for a week and she died while we were away.  She got a bad case of mites and unfortunately just didn't recover.  RIP Bo Bo!

In August we decided were going to move apartments so the search was beginning!

Packing! and not much else :S  We also lost another ratty, RIP little Dora :(

We moved to an awesome house on October 1st, much bigger than our previous tiny hole of an apartment.  I actually really hate moving as we have done it sooo many times over the last couple of years but hopefully we will be in this place for a while.

More house sorting, oh and we decided to get a puppy, more on that later :)

We had a great Christmas this year, we hosted Christmas dinner and my sister and her partner were here for the festivities! Their friends also came over on boxing day from the U.K so we all had a great week.  Topped off with and amazing and funny New Years Eve in Basel watching the fireworks.

Hope you all had a great year, heres to 2012!

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Have a happy and great 2012 too!