20 July 2011


My sweet, old girl Bo was put to sleep on Saturday after having a stroke.  She was in the wars after having a tumor removed and then she got mites which gave her a bacterial infection.

Bo was my only rat who ever bit me on more than one occasion! :)  She definitely liked her own space and didn't like being moved.  She was always an explorer when she was younger, unlike Bella who would never come out of the cage until after about 3 months.

Towards the end we couldn't get Bo out of the cage very often, she loved to sleep and chill out in her hammock and looked after the other babies when they were born.  She was my grumpy old girl and I will miss her.

Rest in Peace Bo Bo.

                                                                      Bo as a baby


steufel said...

Oh, it is hard to lose a beloved pet. So sorry to hear that!

Janet said...

I'm sorry about Bo. We had rats for a while they are really sweet.

Marie Young (Young Creative) said...

I'm so sorry. We are blessed to have them for the time that they are with us, but it is very hard to lose a pet.