30 July 2011

My first RAW

I really to join in with RAW this year but the months past and I never got a ring made, partly because I kept putting it off having never made one before.

I then started taking a metalsmithing class every Friday night which I love, I have learnt a lot of fabricating techniques and my tool collection is growing fast, think I'm a bit of a tool addict!

I think I am starting to leave metal clay behind and work more with sheet metals, I love the piercing technique, cutting out intricate designs and filing to perfection.

So here is my first fabricated ring made in sterling silver, I couldn't decide if I wanted to oxidize it or not, maybe later.


Athena's Armoury said...

Gorgeous work! I took a metalsmithing class a couple years ago and loved it, too. I really want to play with what I learned, but just can't afford the silver right now. Maybe in copper... =) Looking forward to seeing your new work!

PeculiarForest said...

Thank you! it's a lot of fun bt you are right, silver is crazy expensive. Luckily I like copper jewellery too :)

Catherine Witherell said...

I like that ring very much!