1 January 2012

New Year's Resolutions

I thought I would make some resolutions this year and er, actually try and stick to them.  My list seems pretty big! I am obviously not satisfied about the way things are right now!

Here goes....
1. Stop biting my nails, yes this is my resolution every year.  I have bitten my nails pretty much ever since I can remember, I have never had nice nails.  I bite them to the point where they hurt and sometimes I can barely see nail, pretty gross I know. So far 3 days with no biting, go me!

2.  Lose weight & get fit, this is another resolution I make every year....so far the healthy eating is yet to start.

3.  Read 25 books, first I thought read 100 and then I thought, impossible! then 50 and even that is 1 a week so no life there.  I think 25 is a reasonable number and my sister and I decided we are going to do this one together.

4.  Say 'I Love You' more, just because it is a nice thing to do.

5.  Get another 50 sales in my Etsy Shop, well a bit far fetched but you never know....

6.  Join a challenge on Flickr, and stick to it.  I joined FAM, should be interesting.  A good way to help with achieving No.5.

7.  Blog at least 3 times a week, and get more followers in the process.

8.  Go to the dentist, I hate the dentist....a lot.

I think that is it so far, I will see at the end of the year how many I have achieved!


Lisa said...

I also have stop biting my nails and go to
The bloody dentist... I also have to get one of those miniature Bulgarian dolls #stillfindingthatfunny

Danielle said...

Nice. Go for it...and stick to them!!! I need to get started on my book. Think I'll start with the Bree Tanner one...shabbs! Oh and don't forget the one resolution we all need to do...eat more BIcarbonate of sooooda.