12 May 2010

Some new bits

First of all thank you to everyone so far who have entered my giveaway below.  I will do the draw 10pm my time here in France on Friday and announce the winner straight away. Hopefully I will get a few more participants! :)

I made a couple of necklaces last night, I always love the look of the wire wrapped briolettes so I thought I would carve some myself from polymer clay.  I really like how they both turned out, they are very irregular and fun to wear.  I made 2 in similar colours, one is slightly lighter thank the other and both are wrapped in sterling silver and hang from sterling silver chains.  I have already made 3 more in different colours as they are quite addictive to make!  You can find these 2 in my Etsy shop now, I hope you like them both.


trinket box said...

They're gorgeous! I love how they're irregular :)

Shpangle said...

Love that colour! They look natural but modern, if you know what I mean. Difficult to put into words, but they are lovely!


Kim said...

Hey Lou! You did such a beautiful job w/ the briolettes, and what a cool idea! I always bubble my polymer clay - my stove's dial is on backwards so I can never gauge the temperature properly. Obviously I don't do much baking either! :D

PeculiarForest said...

Thank you guys :D
Kim you do make me laugh :)

Hannah said...

Wow, that necklace is so individual, it's really pretty :)