30 May 2010

First piercings

I have been busy trying out my new saw, gotta say it's pretty cool!  First of all I made the above, the flower was the first thing I cut out of copper and soldered to some sterling wire and added the copper leaf detail.

I then made this cherry blossom necklace,  I like how this one turned out:

Finally I made a little hammered heart, well just because I love hearts, cute and simple.

Even though I have never used a jewellers saw before, I highly recommend this one, changing the blades is a breeze.  Out of all 3 pieces I only broke one blade and I wasn't even sawing, I was trying to lubricate the blade, haha!

I hope you like my new pieces :)


Lois said...

Really nice, love the color, very sophisticated!

Kim said...

They're beautiful, Lou! I love the bail you made for the flower, so creative!

Mel's Bells Jewelry said...

The cherry blossom is GORGEOUS, it really came out nicely. After scrolling through some older posts I really like your eye! :-D