27 May 2010

Knew toy!

See what I did there,  Knew/new geddit?

Yay for new tools! I really want to try my hand at working with copper and silver sheet so I bought myself a snazzy new saw.  A Knew Concept saw to be exact.  I have never tried piercing before and I have read a couple of people say how amazing this saw is so I had to get it.

The frame is made from super lightweight aluminum making it the lightest saw on the market.  The unique tensioning system is built into the frame so you don't have to squish it against your sternum to tighten the blade.

It is even painted red which apparently improves accuracy, who knew?

I have it in 5 inches but you can get it in 3" and 8", I just need to wait for my bench peg now so that I can test it out.  It's arrived, yay, let the metal carnage begin!


Michelle said...

Oh fantastic,
I love new Tools,
can`t wait to see what you do with it!!!!

Carey Lynn said...

so it's a saw or like a punch? what can it do? I like the red paint job, too!

PeculiarForest said...

Carey- Its a jewelers saw for cutting out sheet metal. Just about to post some bits I have made with it. All metalsmiths use a saw but not necessarily this design :)