3 April 2010


So I haven't made anything new for well over a week now.  Since Tuesday I have been sick as a dawg! I have literally not moved from the sofa (apart from peeing, sleeping and bathing) since Tuesday and it sucks!  I have the worst head cold, bleugh.

I have however managed to catch up with all of my internet stuff, spent way to much time on Flickr and Facebook, all in the name of research :) I also re-joined PCAGOE (polymer clay artists guild of Etsy) a group of Etsy artists that sell there polymer clay work on Etsy.  Search "pcagoe" on Etsy to seem some amazing artists at work. I have ordered more supplies, always love to receive new materials in the post.

I have been overdosing on orange juice and fruit smoothies and here's lunch.

Happy Easter everyone. :)

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