13 January 2010

More Hearts

I have been making quite a few heart pieces for my shop and the latest addition is a little pink one.  Even though its Valentines day next and they are pretty appropriate for the occasion, I love hearts anyway! :)


Contrariwise said...

I've been making hearts for my etsy shop. Unfortunately, I haven't had much time to photograph them.

Good thing hearts are good year-round and not just for Valentine's day.

PeculiarForest said...

Yeah I tend to have them in my shop all year round just because I like making them :)

I hate photographing that is probably the bane of my life!

Pips said...

This is lovely Lou - great texture!

pjm143 said...

I LOVE everything !! Love the texture of the clay. I love my Daisy earrings and I love the Heart Necklace that you posted around Valentine's Day!!