4 January 2010

I have new books!

I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to most things especially books and especially crafty books.  I have lots and lots to do with jewellery making and polymer clay. One day I hope to have a big library room to store them all in on big tall book cases. :)

This Christmas I received another four to add to my collection!

Jewellery- Fundamentals of metalsmithing by Tim McCreight.  I am currently teaching myself some metalsmithing techniques such as soldering so I love this kind of reference books.

Polymer Clay- Colour inspirations by Lindly Haunani & Maggie Maggio.  I work with polymer clay a lot with both my cake toppers and my jewellery and this books has lots of exercises to help you get comfortable with colour mixing and combination's etc.

Dolls' House- Shops, Cafes & Restaurants.  I love miniatures and lately I have been geting quite interested in Dolls' Houses so this was a welcomed present.

The Polymer Clay Cookbook by Jessica & Susan Partain.  I love miniature food and for dolls' houses and this is something I want to try and make at some point.  Jessica & Susan have an Etsy Shop
called Inedible Jewelry which features some amazing pieces, I own the bacon and egg post earrings, love it!

These should keep me busy for a while.  Speaking of books, today I downloaded my first Audio book "The Road" by Cormack McCarthy.  Even though I have a lot of books I don't have that much time to read them as I always feel I should be working on new designs instead so now I get the best of both worlds.  Working while "reading" :)

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Zoe Nelson said...

I love listening to audio books while I work. I've managed to get through several of the classics that I never would have sat down and read from a paper book.