4 October 2009

Clay withdrawal!

I have been in France for 1 week now and everything seems to be working out so far. We have signed for an apartment which we will move into on Wednesday if all goes well, fingers crossed! Its then off to Ikea to buy me and big new desk to work on and then I can get the silver and polymer clay out. Feels like forever since I made anything new! My Etsy shop is still in vacation mode, I thought I would leave it that way until I know where everything is and its all organised.

Hopefully next week I will finally be ordering the Foredom flex shaft which I cant wait to get. It will open lots more avenues and make drilling, sanding and polishing a breeze, yay!

Before we moved I made my sister a little anklet with some left over charms, definitely something to make for my Etsy shop.

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