17 September 2009

All change

The black forest
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I have been neglecting this blog a bit lately. Im not a natural writer so I tend to struggle with it, basically finding something interesting to say without repeating myself is quite hard!

So anyway it is all change here. We (my partner Dom & I) have decided to up sticks and move to France, as you do. We are still young with not many responsibilities so we thought why not?
We are moving next Friday so everything has been put on hold really until after the move, I have put my jewellery shop on Etsy in vacation mode until I am settled out there. We are going out there with no home and no job so a bit scary but also exciting. My mum lives out there so we wont be completely on our own, all change for us!

I have attached a photo I took while in Titisee, the black forest in Germany which is close by to where we will be going. Beautiful!


Nicola said...

Oh my goodness - another talented maker leaves our (not so sunny) shores.
I hope everything goes well for you and that you find work and a home quickly.
Let us know how it all pans out
nic xx

PeculiarForest said...

Im still going to be around, you cant get rid of me that easily! :)