4 August 2014

EtsyMetal blog carnival- Tools!

Welcome to our EtsyMetal monthly Blog Carnival!
Blog Carnival is about a group of our members sharing their experience on a common topic.

This months topic is our favourite tools!

This is probably one of my most favourite topics, I love tools! and I love having a nosey around others peoples studios too see what they are using.

So here are some of my tools, some I use every day and others get used less frequently but I still wouldn't want to be without them.

My saw: obviously for me this is an important one, I use it almost every time I make something and this one is a old Knew Concepts one.

Disc cutters: I use this a lot too and I recently had one custom made especially for me, it's amazing and I want to get more!

Dapping/ doming set: I use this mainly for my post earrings.

Ring stretcher/ reducer: another useful tool to have if you make a lot of rings, I mainly use the reducer when I have gone a bit overboard with my hammering.

Torches: I use 2, a big jumbo one and this cute little dremel which is perfect for tiny things like jump rings.

Rolling mill: SO I have had this mini mill for about a 1 and a half years and I never use it; mainly because I obliterate everything I put through it! I need to spend some more time with it as I want to do some pattern rolling at some point in the future.

My bench: Of course my beloved bench is one of my most favourite things, can you call it a tool? probably not, but I love it and there is a whole other post about it here.

So that's a quick look at my tools and what I use on a day to day basis, check other members of the Etsymetal team to see their favourite tools.


Kirsten Skiles said...

disc cutter envy

Kalaya Steede said...
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Kalaya Steede said...

Awesome! I just posted about the old Knew Concepts saw and how I loathe it. Thanks for sharing. Here's the link in case you want to check it out. I would be grateful for any suggestions. http://www.kalayasteede.com/2014/08/tools-i-loathe.html

Danielle Hunter said...

Wow, I didn't realise there were so many tools involved. I love the custom-made one with your signature designs; must help so much! Danielle xx

frontière girl

PeculiarForest said...

Kalaya- Thanks for your comment, I have just replied to your blog post :)