25 April 2013

New bench, new work..

Hello! I wanted to show you my amazing new workbench, made by amazing other half, Dom.  I have been wanting a "proper" bench forever but couldn't justify the price.  After searching, a lot, I stumbled across one made out of an Ikea kitchen island.

"I have one of those in my kitchen!" I thought.

 So that is what it became, my new jewelers bench and it is the perfect size and everything. :)

Here is the original Ikea island

And what it became, the perfect jewellery bench!

...and me working at it

Here is a new necklace I have in my shop, all sterling silver.

Finally a first look at a new brooch I made for the Brooch a Week challenge

Thanks for reading :)


LjB said...

Very jealous! I dream of a real work bench. Ikea is just 20 min away, maybe I should try there too:-))

Angela said...

looks like it will suit your needs perfectly! I love getting anything that will help my crafting.

stopping in from EBT :)

PeculiarForest said...

Thanks both!

LjB, I added the original island so you can see what it looks like before :)

Michael Williams Sr said...

Do you know what the model of kitchen Island this is? Ikea does not seem to make it anymore.