21 December 2012

EtsyMetal charm swap update

The charm swap is complete! This one was a bit delayed in finishing but the end result looks amazing.  I am still waiting to receive my charms (any day now!) and I am so looking forward to getting them and opening them one by one.

As Su from Quercus silver said
                                 "I had a very lovely peaceful half hour with some fresh coffee, Christmas music on the radio and a mince pie while I opened each one in turn. EtsyMetal charm swaps are an occasion to celebrate."

Indeed they are and I can't wait!

As I haven't received mine yet, I borrowed this photo taken by Vic from Experimetal, how cool do all the finished charms look?

I have a chain ready, I am going to put them all on and wear them as a charm necklace!
We all made extra charms, one charm will go into the EtsyMetal shop and the other will will go on a bracelet with all of the other charms and be sold with some of the proceeds going to charity.


Laurie said...

They all look wonderful! I think my favorites would be the 1st and 3rd, 3rd row down. I like squares :) They would look wonderful as a necklace.

I wanted to invite you to join our weekly Sunday and Monday Meet & Greet Blog hop if you get a chance this weekend. :)

Come link up and join the fun:

Happy Holidays!

PeculiarForest said...

Thank you for the invite! I will check it out :)