6 November 2012

EtsyMetal blog carnival- Why do you make jewellery?

This is a tough one! I think I naturally progressed onto making jewellery from when I was making my cake toppers; I had a lot of polymer clay lying around and thought I could do something else with it.

This was my first attempt about 7 years ago, don't laugh, I thought I was cool *snort*

I made some pretty ugly things to be honest as I was teaching myself and didn't really have a clue.  Eventually I decided I wanted to work with metal so I started using metal clay.  I remember when I did my first bit of soldering, it was soldering some posts onto my little paint palette earrings and then sheet metal was the next step.

I still make jewellery because I like to experiment, I like to be able to cut out intricate designs with my saw and see how far I can push myself.  I love getting the feedback when a customer likes my work and this spurs me on to think of more designs.  I still have a lot left to learn and rings are my next challenge, I must conquer them! :)

I am not sure if this has really answered the question properly but I didn't think I have a specific answer, I do it because I love the materials and challenges and putting a smile on somebodies face.

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Eyelah said...

Those green leaf earrings look cute for a beginner..

PeculiarForest said...

Thank you!
I think I was proud at the time :)