6 August 2012

EtsyMetal blog carnival 6/8/12 "The Five Senses"

Welcome to the EtsyMetal blog carnival
Blog carnival is about a group of our members sharing their experience on
a common topic: "The Five Senses"

I think it's quite hard to describe the 5 senses, we just take them for granted I think...

Taste is probably my favourite, as I love to eat! When I was at college I studied cooking for 3 years which was a lot of fun.  I love to cook and I love to bake and I try and do it as much as possible although my waistline probably wishes I didn't love it so much.

Smell, what would we do without it, has it's good sides and it's bad sides but I am glad that I can definitely smell! Some of my favourite smells are freshly cut grass, new born babies, thyme, fresh flowers, cinnamon and vanilla.

Hearing and sight, I always used to think about what I would choose if I could only have one of these, I think my choice would be sight.  That way I could still see the world, still work with my hands making my jewellery and cake toppers and still see my beautiful family.

Touch is important, without it we wouldn't know if something was hot or cold, if we were in pain or not and pain receptors are probably the most important.  Apparently we have more pain receptors than any other, sometimes I wish this wasn't true :)
Without touch, blind people wouldn't be able to read braille so for some people touch can be the most important.

They say if you lose one sense another sense is heightened.  I for one am definitely grateful that I have all of mine.
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Evelyn Markasky said...

yea, taste is good one!! I like to cook too!

PeculiarForest said...

Yep, gotta be my fave :D

Victoria Takahashi said...

Lou, I love your 5senses picture! Great post & welcome to the team!

Victoria Takahashi said...
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Beth Cyr said...

vanilla is one of my favorites too! vanilla and lavender together. yum.

PeculiarForest said...

Thanks Vic!

Beth, I loooove vanilla, A. Lot. :)