22 September 2011

Kitchen stuff

We are currently packing up our little apartment to move to a much bigger house (fingers crossed we get the keys on Monday!) which is why I have been a bit absent lately.  All of my jewellery tools are away and packed as well as my polymer clay for my cake toppers.

What I have been doing is getting slightly obsessed with baking and the kitchen.  I have been buying some new things for the kitchen and he is what I have bought.

I love this little coffee machine and the colour is awesome, I also got the matching kettle!

Finally my new mixer has arrived and I LOVE it!  I haven't tried it out yet as I only took it out of the box for a look and then it had to get packed away again for the move. 

I think like most people I had the Kitchenaid V Kenwood debate in my head over and over, I always wanted a Kitchenaid but then I found this beauty and it had so many good reviews.  I can't wait to get into the new place and start using it.  Notice that it is red and not blue, thought I would mix it (no pun intended) up a bit.

I have always loved cooking because quite frankly I love food!  I even went to college and studied it and although I don't do it as a profession I enjoy cooking at home.  I have always thought about starting a foody blog too as I think this one would get a little overcrowded if I started adding my baked goods as well.

Soooo watch this space and hopefully my tools will be back out again soon, just in time for the Christmas shopping :)

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