17 October 2010

Hello World..

..Wow, I haven't seen this page in a while.  So I started working full time about 2 months ago and it is tiring!  I forgot what it was like to work full time, ha!  Since I started I haven't been very creative, mainly as I have been too tired after work and there is always too much too do at the weekend.
Also I have been quite addicted to reading, I got myself one of those new kindles from Amazon and I love it!

I have no more cake topper orders to make so now is the opportunity to make more jewellery, watch this space!


Krystal said...

welcome back!

PeculiarForest said...

Thank you! :)

Marie Young (Young Creative) said...

I know the feeling! Full time work has a way of zapping creativity, but it's good for the wallet.