28 March 2009

Earth Hour

Earth Hour
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Here is me in the dark doing my bit for Earth Hour, turning the light out for 1 hour at 8.30pm

24 March 2009

Little Tree Post Earrings

Little Tree Post Earrings
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Here are some earrings I made the other day, they are post earrings and I think I love them! They will be in my etsy shop soon, in the meantime you can find them here in my folksy shop.

Speaking of earrings, my custom ones from Revonav arrived and I think I am in love! they are beautiful, I will post a pic of me wearing them at the weekend, deffo.

22 March 2009

R.I.P Jade

I wasn't a major Jade Goody fan or anything but she died today and thats sad.  Mainly because she has left 2 children behind and its Mothers Day but also because she is the same age as me and that makes me think.  I know 1000's of people die everyday/week from cancer but when its shoved in your face all over the T.V and in the media I can't help but think "shit that could be me" so rest in peace Jade and I hope woman everywhere save their own life and get checked because of you.

16 March 2009

Some more pendants & other news

Here is another of my new Art Clay pendants which I really love.  The is made by backfilling the silver with polymer clay, it works really well I think.

I have listed this in my Etsy shop along with some others too.  I have also opened a shop over at Folksy.com I have listed the same 3 silver pendants that are in my Etsy store as the design I have used can be easily replicated.  Folksy is another Etsy type site for all handmade products and it is U.K based, yay so prices are in Sterling for all the U.K buyers out there.

I hope to have some new earrings in the shop over the weekend as I am experimenting with paper clay at the moment so watch this space!

13 March 2009

New Work

Art Clay Silver & Black Polymer
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I have finally got round to making some silver clay pieces and got the chance to use the kiln.  I have made 3 things so far and I think they have turned out really well.  I have a few more ideas using the same style as above which I am going to try out this afternoon.  When I have made a few more pieces I will get some in my Etsy store.
The above piece combines Art Clay Silver and Polymer clay and I love this combination especially with the black clay, it really stands out.
I had a little trouble photographing the pieces due to the reflections so that is something I need more practice on I think.

O.K back to the clay room! 

9 March 2009


Clay junk food, how cooool.  This made by the talented Shay Aaron, I love it! You can see more of her work here and check out her Etsy store here, go look.
Junk Food
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8 March 2009


Just a quick hello while I am still in Switzerland, I'm back home on the 10 march when I'll be reopening my Etsy store and trying out lots of new things with art clay silver so watch this space :)